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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase



Yes you are right they do charge property tax on tagged equipment using public highways.  Probably better called a "user fee"


I should have distinguished my comments to real estate property taxes.  

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

EXPLAIN TO THE FOLKS that your real estate taxes on prime row crop ground in Kansas is a whopping $6 per acre. The bill was introduced by a republican that says you've had a free ride for too long.


Secondly you might have told the readers that your Governor Brownback plans to eliminate state income taxes which will no doubt lower your tax burden. That is if you pay any state taxes.


I would remind you that there is risk to electing republicans to public office. What they are telling you is that they wish to transfer the tax burden from high income folks to you the average tea bagger citizen. I'm sorry but it does amuse me a bit!

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

So that's what wrong! They got my
Ground mixed up with some river
Bottom grind!
$6 an acre limestone pasture taxes.

I'm told by everyone and contacts
At the capital..
It has no traction, no they'll never
Do it, they can't.

I am getting older (listening to john
Denver special on PBS...and enjoying
I know you don't believe anybody, and
Have seen things go nuts.

This does make the hole in my belly hurt.
First, we're 600 milllion short...we'll be
Overdrawed by that much....and were
Not allowed to have a printing press
In the basement of the capital

Its got to come from somewhere

And second, maybe even more critical,
Is that the genie is out of the bottle.

I've been to several bigger cities as of
Late on medical business. Had chances
To visit many people.

I feel if the issue is.pushed the people
will vote for it. Farmers.are no longer
Viewed as the good guys.
The image of us being honest, earthy
folk that walk around with overalls
and care for the stock....images
Of the way things used to be, that
Those in the big cities reminiscent
Of a better life and time.

But no more...
But commercials by john Deere, Monsanto,
Ford and Chevy....showing the expensive

They are struggling, and when they learn
We are not paying our share.

Yes I buy the antiacids by the 100's
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

as much as I hate to say it there is some truth in what don has said
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Got a valuation sheet in the mail....they
hiked it another at least a 15%
Rise in taxes, minimum, because you know
they will raise the mill levy......
Yep voted to build new hospital last year
have not broke ground, due to problem$.
School district NEEDS two activity buses.
county wants to get new road equipment,
"Some of it is almost 10 years old "

Has everyone gone mad?

Nobody thinks anymore, they want it
And that's it.

And I've got to set here and figure
Out how I'm going to pay everything.

They go to work, I pay them, they complain
and want us to spend more.

They go home at 5 pm,

At 5 pm I'm still trying to figure
how to keep the boat floating.

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

When we get the Keystone Xxtra Large pipeline I'm told Nebraska will get extra tax relief due to pipe line taxes - Spring is in the air and relief is around the corner --- That's what the experts tell us ?  

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Something has sprung, although I'm not certain it is spring but you couldn't tell by our recent weather.
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

News on NTV there was a bill to help
with taxes in Nebraska, farm bureau and
Cattlemen assn pushing it. But looks
Like it will die in committee. THE SCHOOLS MUST HAVE MORE MONEY. that is what's
Killing the bill.

You know, I'm getting tired about the schools.
I consider myself fairy well educated.
Our superintendent was a tight person, yes
Cheap. The district looked at government
Surplus first, it was free or cheap. If that
Didn't work, the district would shop, and
Even asked for a deal or discount..
I remember once. He came back with
a 30 gallon barrel of paperclips. He got them
Free at if you got in trouble and
Had put in "study hall", if you didn't
do your bookwork, you didn't set there
And stare at the wall or sleep..
You got a pile of paper clips to untangle
And put in a mayo jar.
The ball teams, cheerleaders, band, drama
And ffa and homemakers had fund raisers.
While it didn't pay for all the expenses,
It helped, and give the kids some
skin in the game
Seems things were taken care of and
Lasted longer.
I even remember some parents riding
the buses to activities....unlike today we
Pay some to keep things under control
On the buses.

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Everything don says is based on truth,  then twisted into a lie.


I have some row crop land in kansas that is top soil, and I will trade Don acre for acre for his worthless Iowa land--where you don't have to be much of a farmer to raise a crop.  BUT, Don knows he is missleading you,  he knows what he says is wrong.  He will not make that trade.


The sliver of truth is it is great land and  he is close to right on the taxes, prior to this year it was closer to $4 an acre. The normal adjustments will bring it to $6,50 next year and if the proposal passes the tax will go to at least $25 per acre.  That is surface taxes only.  Mineral taxes are seperate.


But he is lieing through his teeth.  Insinuating it is top producing land.  The liberal mind has such a narrow view that a scammer can lead it into a back alley and rob it of everything it has.  Then convince that liberal mind he is a victom of the church on the corner.


At less than 17 inches of rainfall in normal years and located in a harsh climate, this top, rich, soil has averaged less than $30 net return for the last 40 years. That is not landowner return, that is total net return.          In fact it has not had a crop that paid its bills in the last 6 years(yes it has been planted and harvested--- when there was something to harvest.)  4 of those 6 years no crop at all.


The scammer will try to convince you there are rich in our society that don't pay much taxes when the truth is the tax levels we have now are averaging well above 50% of all wealth earned when you add all taxes-- income, property, sales, state and local fees.

When in fact the lowest % taxes are paid by low income levels.


An economy that needs hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars annually to stay afloat will have a tipping point and it may well be in taxation.


Come on down, buy some of the best land in the world, and help out our Kansas economy.  Taxes ------ Maybe we can do something like the fools in California did.... grandfather in the existing owner so the new taxes only apply to new owners...

Now you know you have a bad law when you have to do that to get it passed.





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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Prime Kansas row crop land is exactly what it is. Prime KANSAS land. If I was talking about Iowa land I would have said Iowa land. Prime Illinois land might even be better than Prime iowa land, But when i am talking about Iowa land i am not talking about illinois land or Kasas land. Like wise when i talk about kansas land I am talking about Kansas land.


Now if you choose to think that was deceptive so be it but i did say what I said and it is true. If your claiming that kansas is non productive, I won't argue. 


If you understand the Tax code, you should know that federal income taxes are designed to tax income. If I pay 35% on my measily income on federal taxes and Mitt Romney's $250 million dollar annual income is taxed at 13% then something is rotten in the tax code.

So what is more painful 30% out of SW"s income or 13% of Mitt Romneys income?


So You tell me what part of my statement was a lie. If i am not a liar then you must be the liar on this thread. BTW if I wanted kansas land I would buy kansas land. I have given a passing thought to buying some Oklahoma land but Wifey doesn't think that is a good plan at my age.




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