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# of farms and media?

Thinkjing bck to teh 60s, in the NE US there were 3-4 ag mags, Dairy relted. FmJournal and so on.  Has me wondering with  the collapse in #s, how hard it must be for ag media to maintain revenues". Am sure Ad rates are far higher  but .


If not mistaken SuccessFarming including this site were owned by a media conglomerate that did very well over time, grew grew, great investment but now is owned by someone else.


Hard copy mags are on their way out fast. Anyone in the bis has to have a superior online presence or face extention.




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Re: # of farms and media?

Someone will correct me if I am wrong: SF is owned by the Meredith Corporation.

I am hopeful the at least some print media will survive, at least for the vintage experience of it. Newspapers have fallen on extremely hard times, although we still get both of our locals, one of which is weekly, the other three days a week. Might squeak by as a niche market...local high school sports photos, obits, government reports and required legal advertising.
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