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pasture rent

can anyone give me the going rate for pasture rent in western kansas?

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Re: pasture rent

$10 - $15, but mainly here numbers of about $12/a.  Some have gone to a price per pair or per head but it usually calculates back into the $10 - $15 range.


In my opinion, that is too cheap, but I have been told I know nothing about a cattleman's expenses.  Cattleman tenant drives a new pickup every 3 years and I am still driving my 1995 pickup.  Guess I don't know nothun' about profits either.  LOL

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Re: pasture rent

North Central Kansas, North of Hays.  Rent is about $100 a pair, roughly 7-8 acres per pair, or a little over $13/acre.  I am probably a little on the low side, but the renter takes care of the fence (and the pasture) and we just don't have problems with them, and that is worth something.  I don't think either one of us drives a new pickup,

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