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Re: "A Revolution Down on the Farm...

I joke with my young classmates about party lines...they had never heard of them.  Cannot say I miss them, though. 

We had a nosy neighbor whose kids were always making a racket in the background while she listened in on us.  Ten-party line on my end meant that whenever Mike called, everyone knew it.  I have never understood what makes some people think it is okay to eavesdrop on the lives of others. 

Now, a family of five will have a house phone (maybe) and a separate line on cell for each of them...yet, somehow, people seem to have less privacy, instead of more, now. 

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Re: "A Revolution Down on the Farm...

Back in the 70's I was on an 8 party line.  One other family on there had 15 children.  Some at home, some married and living in the neighborhood .  They like to stay in close touch with each other.   Needless to say it was useless to tell anyone to give me a call during the daytime or to try and place a call.  


Now it aggrivates me if my cell phone drops a call while I am on the road.  How soon we forget.        

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Re: "A Revolution Down on the Farm...

We actually got dial here in the early to mid 60ies but still had 5 on our party line until mid seventies.

As a child I remember the 20 some party line being divided and my parents being glad the store was on the other half and there were only 11 or 12 on our line.

2 longs and 1 short was 'our' ring.

As Kay noted I did the count and our house which includes 4 of us 1 being 89 and pretty well house bound and we have 3 cell phones 1 telephone line and a fax line.

And that does not include the internet which no longer runs on phone lines since we got fibre optic cable in.

I am not sure how many 'lines' some of my children have with work cells, personal cells etc.


And the 3 year old grandchildren run the computer better than me.

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