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"Don`t have it, but can get one tomorrow"

Words you don`t want to hear when you need it "Now!".  But as dealers only stock high turnover items, that is usually what you hear these days.  I`ve heard the parts side of it from a local NAPA type store, that you have to look at inventory as dollar signs on it, every day it doesn`t sell it`s costing the store money and the 15% "restocking fee" on returns, the store loses money on that item.


I miss the days of a fat guy named "Al" with the blue shirt and a ashtray of cigarette butts on the counter.  Al knew his parts inventory and never had to look up anything...he didn`t need the new fangled "microfiche", Al was a Microfiche!   Al didn`t "special order", Al walked 20 steps in the back and came out with what you needed, I think if you needed a solenoid for a 1947 Alfa Romeo, Al would have it "on hand".


I needed a belt tensioner and I was so desperate I`d buy the whole assembly, it`s a common part on a lot of machines and if it locked up on the road, you`d be dead in the water, maybe make it to a field driveway if you are lucky and it didn`t overheat first. I learned long ago, no matter how "common", you call before driving 30 miles to the dealer.  The good thing about John Deere is they look it up and tell you the nearest dealer that has one and the nearest part I needed was at a dealer 70 miles away.   


Well, let me put it nicely, there are no more "Al`s" behind the parts counters anymore...and I had to special order it anyway.   Smiley Happy     ….  Smiley Sad


But "Have it the next day" I needed some Farrowsure B vaccine, the vet could get it "the next day" he wouldn`t have it on hand and he`s busy.  So I ordered it at 8:00am and at 2:00pm "the next day" Speedy Delivery had in on my doorstep.  I also ordered a dirty grain chain for the combine from Shoup (lots a luck, dealer having that on hand)  and that came on that same Speedy truck, in 18 hours after ordering.


So, I`m going to drive 70 miles to pick up a special order that may or may not be "in tomorrow on the truck".   Why am I doing this?  Shoup and Stockman`s supply have it on my doorstep 18 hours after ordering.  Shoup wouldn`t at all have something specialized as a belt tensioner, but why can`t equipment companies take orders and send this stuff out on Speedy?   Since dealers these days cater to selling <5 year old equipment and carrying logo sweatshirts and hitch pins.   Swear to God, the Tractor Supply store carries more parts than a dealership these days.  TSC will have points and condenser for a 50 Massey Ferguson and a radiator hose for a 8N Ford and 14" plow lays for a Minneapolis-Moline plow.