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"Got Dust"

Hope to finnish soybeans today. The dust this year is very bad. Have to blow off combine everyday. Getting old. Beans around 50 bu. Not bad for no rain in July and Aug.

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Re: "Got Dust"

A section of I-70 was closed last Thursday from Colby Ks to Burlington Colorado because of so much dirt being blown. Visibilty was down to a few hundred feet.


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Re: "Got Dust"

   In driving a 20 mile radius of home yesterday I saw 2 corn fields shelled and the elevator guys have taken in beans from 2 people although I didn't see any cut.  Half my beans may be dry but the stems are pretty green and the ground is wet enough I'd make ruts which would make no tilling iffy next year.  We have had heavy dews and foggy nights for over a week now.  It took me 5 days to prepare and bale 18 acres of hay.  At 1:30 PM  the previous  nights dew would still be present and at 6:15 PM new dew was coming in.  That doesn't leave much time to dry.  The best baling was from 4:30-6PM.  At 7:30AM here now visibility is about 200 feet looking out the window.  The schools were even closed all day once last week from the fog.

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Re: "Got Dust"

I agree.  Don't remember the dust this bad.  Think it was partly from little to no wind and all the leaves we were scooping up since we never had a rain to flatten them down on the ground.  First time we quit at dark because we couldn't see through the dust especially after my wife combined a rock at sunset.

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