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"I will not thank a farmer"

There`s a piece written in Drovers about how we should appreciate our customers more than expect them to thank us for everything we do.  I have to agree with Kate (author of the blog) whether it`s trade issues, organic issues, GMO issues, water quality issues, humane animal treatment we tend to handle those public concerns with mocking them.  Weeeell like Custer found out, there`s more Indians than soldiers and maybe instead of blocking and hiding, we should thank our customers and educate them.   


snippet from the link




Having finished my beef fajitas, I noticed a sign the owner had placed at the register. It read: “Please accept our sincere thanks for letting us serve you. We greatly appreciate the fact you have chosen to do business with us. And in return, we pledge our continuing efforts to offer you the best service possible”


The owner of this establishment did not demand that I thank him for his efforts to produce this dinner. He thanked me for choosing to do business with him.

In my mind, I scrolled through the Twitter feed I had witnessed. For how long have we as the ag community demanded that our customers thank us? When was the last time we thanked them? Are we operating from a place of entitlement, where we believe that our professions are somehow sacrosanct in the scheme of the economic ecosystem?    ...."   



Anyway, something to think about

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Re: "I will not thank a farmer"

BA  -  I  think  you  guys  have  a  great  point,   instead  of  pretending  likewise  -

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