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"stock cropping" experiment

Here`s a gentleman that is searching for solutions to solve the farm profitability issues.  We`ve heard of "chicken tractors" where you have chickens in a pen on wheels and move them around the pasture and we`ve heard of strip cropping of 12 rows of corn and 12 rows of bean to capture more sunlight.  Well this idea is to marry the two systems and the way it sounds have a contraption 30 foot wide and 100 foot or so long on wheels between the row crop and fill it with free range chicken, sheep, hogs, goats.  They fertilize, the next year crop and your strips of corn catch more win.

Back in the day some guys would put lambs in a corn field, weed control wasn`t the best, the lambs would clean up the foxtail and lower corn leaves making a easy crop to harvest and the small lambs couldn`t reach the corn ears or occasionally eat one that fell off the stalk.

{If you want to contact this guy for a interview, Mike  I can get you info}

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