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rural folks should read this

Yes this is by CNN.....I know just saying that just drives some nuts, but they do have a journalism staff, unlike rush,


This "article" deals with a small rural town in Kentucky, most likely having a lot in common with many of us.  It is a poor

area, much like many of us where we are at.  This area also voted 81% for Trump.  Some of that shine has worn off.

Many think that perhaps they have been left behind by all the promises.


But to me, there was a paragraph which is something that I have been try to bring to light here, and seem of no interest.

The elimination or sharp cut back in programs that help rural communities.


The proposed budget does away with or eliminates programs that help us in rural America.  Programs that help fix

build, replace needed items in small towns, such as water and sewer systems, rural water districts, and electric

cooperatives.  When money is needed to repair, upgrade, etc, much was done via a grant or a loan, and higher

rates we pay.  In many many instances, these improvements or just fixes would not be possible, the cost

for us in our rates would just be impossible.


Another program is that for rural aviation.  Many small airports receive grants to make improvements.  Yes the

local air applicator benefits, but also the small rural hospital does, when a patient must be air lifted out via

fixed wing.  In some instances the helicopter cant go due to weather conditions, when a fixed wing can.

Also in some communities, fixed wing is a better answer, due to the limited fuel and distance a helicopter

can travel.

Also at some of the regional airports, have a single carrier that flys to a regional hub.  There is a program that

helps support this.  This program helps the local community and the area community.  In some instances you must

drive at least, at least, 100 miles to have any air service.  While the local carriers are not as cheap, and you will

not see them listed in "priceline" or "orbits", when doing a lot of traveling, getting closer to home and not

having to drive is a plus.  In addition it helps the local economy by bring people, and also provides a

quicker shipping system, for some urgent shipments, from industry to medical.


Talking of transportation, many rural areas, like their metro counterparts, have a "general public transportation"

system.  Many of our rural population utilize this critical service.  In many instances they would not be able to

live in their homes in small towns.  It allows them access to medical care (doctors office, pharmacy, physical therapy),

and also able to do grocery shopping.  In some instances it gets workers from their home to their jobs.

Perhaps we should it cheaper to put these seniors in the nursing home and pay for it, at $4000

per month.....or keep the transportation system going, which they also pay to keep going, by fares and most

get money from the county, and they via the taxes on their homes.


Speaking of seniors.......the funds for meals on wheels and congregate meals would also be cut.  I don't think I need

to explain the importance and need for this program.


Healthcare is important to all of us......not only are we yelling about insurance, but, what if there is nowhere to go ??

programs that help rural hospitals and critical access clinics, will see programs cut.....then what ?


One in particular are small cancer centers.....look at your area.....look how far your local cancer canter is,

perhaps a treatment unit at a small hospital.....then look how far you are from a big one.  The unit that is part

of your small hospital would be in danger......and did you just read where the rural hospital itself will be

seeing cuts ?


then we just see today, the odds of you getting internet service, or better service is now cut back by the action of

the FCC today.


And I guess here is the question......we are cutting all these programs, that will HURT RURAL AMERICA...but

where does the money go ???  we are not paying down the debt......but rather spending EVEN MORE.....

The prosed budget has one of the biggest deficits of recent history.

We want to build super roads......walls........more military toys......and god only knows what.



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Re: rural folks should read this

Many of the utilities rural communities are having trouble paying for are mandated by higher government.  Whereas once a town could choose to not put in a certain sewer system or road network, not the design is forced on them.  This has caused some of the budget problems that rural areas are trying to deal with.


As an ex-charter pilot, I know of small airports that provide medical and local business support.  The FAA has some very stringent requirements that often cause a lot of expense.  They may force widening or lengthening of a runway, new lights, new marketing, new stand-off from various structures and so forth.  One way to reduce cost is to take a very hard look at how many of the upgrades are really necessary.

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Re: rural folks should read this

Cheapo -  Metro areas carry legislative clout in state and national , which has put rural towns in jeopardy with a '' sprinkling '' of soft $$$ towards these issues to revile a sorta  ''we care '' type deals --- 


Applying for grant $$$'s for a recycle, 2nd hand, vintage 50's-60's carousel setting might get a main street upgrade 2 year project, which in-turn can be a choke on  already thin retail activity ---  !'st  hand  witness of these unsettling goings on --- 


Wondering if the land grant folks are asking themselves maybe- where the next generation of classroom ''AG'' students will originate from, with the accelerated  thinning rural school districts ? ?                  

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Re: rural folks should read this

289. with some things I agree.  some of the projects are either to develop a museum or some "highbrow" sort of idea.  I've seen times

when piles of money were poured into an old building..granted it is nice to keep the older stuff, but on the other hand, the new

building could be built for half the price, super insulation, using a geothermal heating system and incorporate solar hot water,

where practical, and supplement with solar or wind power, can be a success, for half the cost, and 1/2 the operations cost......

we have to do that, so maybe we should do that in town ?


I am a big supporter of "business incubator".....basic a building that has several rooms, 3 or 4 office spaces, that has some of latest

best tech stuff available.....such as high speed internet, micro print systems, folding equipment....all the nice and modern office stuff,

that could be rented out to business, and a couple of rooms that could be "warehouse", also on one end a commercial kitchen,

so folks that want to develop their cooking skills to commercial levels are required to have a commercial kitchen, which is expensive,

they could just rent this unit when needed and several could use it.....and the other side a shop area that could be used by someone

that has an idea, and could develop things, but have some high tech stuff there, like laser cutters, and etc.....again could be

rented.  Will we make anything on it.......nope, but the hope is that those people could get a start.  are they going to employ 500

people, I doubt not, but if each could spin up and maybe employ 5 people that's a start.

to me, that is what would be a good grant project.


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Re: rural folks should read this

If  4  lanes  &  an  exit  ramp  aren't  involved, the road is an extremely hard pull ---

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Re: rural folks should read this

The problem with exit ramps is they usually include an on ramp that is hard on small town businesses.

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Re: rural folks should read this

These programs have been in place for how long?  And what has it gotten us?  Maybe it's time to try something different?  Just sayin...

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Re: rural folks should read this

The first thing to do to lower health care cost is to stop building hospitals with a 10,000 foot atrium with marble flooring and a botanical garden surrounded by stainless steel hands rails. Arctics need to be paid by the hour not a percentage.

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Re: rural folks should read this

Bingo r3020 = in the past couple years I've seen a bunch of architects plans for hospitals

and schools that are much more elaborate than they need to be.

The new Cooper elementary school in Superior is a prime example.


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Re: rural folks should read this

Here is something to ponder. I was thinking of
Going to Europe for a bit, so looked at
'expat" insurance, I could get a policy with
$1000 ded cheaper than a $6500 policy here.

I think the high cost of healthcare is just not
One thing but many.
A few years ago bcbs and medicare GIVE you
Money to help build
We added a senior psy/stabilization ward to
A local hosp, about 16 room new construction,
And cost us almost nothing
But only one like it for quite a ways
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