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rural theives

I've read on agtalk about the problems with theft in rural areas. In my area and most others (i suspect) the crooks are taking a BIG risk. Most of the farmers I know are very heavily armed and many have security and game cameras. the bad guys might do well to find a line of "work".  an ar-15 and a backhoe could curb crime.

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Re: rural theives

Haven't had any problems for many years, until last week. Someone decided to break a window in our control room at the bins and dryer to look around. All they took was about 16 cans of spray paint, no tools( shovels, swept brooms, wrenches, screw drivers, moisture checker). Thought about putting up a game cam, but the deer hunters are reporting a lot of them being stolen in the last three weeks, so if I had had one up, it would probably be gone too!!
Sure would like to catch them in the act!

We have more problems with idiots driving in fields after the crops are up, or just after we've worked the ground, getting ready to plant, this usually after a rain ( no fun in a dry field )
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Re: rural theives

In almost twenty years here, we have missed a few items stored in an unlovked, abandoned farmhouse that was too far from our house to keep it observed. That was probably the kid ho helped Mike store the stuff there. Probably five hundreddollars' worth of stuff, which the insurance company only valued at about $150.

That taught me the difference between " replacement cost" and ACV coverage, so a very valuable lesson in the long run, for little cost.

We are pretty sure that a truck driver making a fuel delivery to the farm saw a stashed small chainsaw, while we were all clearly busy, and snagged it. Another good lesson to put things away, out of sight.

Our dogs have a pretty good reputation for being bad. Although they have never bitten anyone, they act like they will rip off your limbs and have the rest of you for a snack. Best burglar protection in the world.

Game cams are only as good as you can hide them and still get the angles you need. We keep alarms on our second home, but rely more on its remote location and secluded entry, plus closely adjoining tenant house with lots of comings and goings.

Mike and I just realized this past week that we lock that house while we are asleep, but not this one....DUH! I have asked that we lock this one now, so anyone breaking in would have to make noise, which should alert us.

Property crime is bad enough, but that is all just stuff. Keeping people safe in the home is what counts.
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