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Re: se nebr hail storm

my corn fields look about the same with the beans being total disastor. Had hail adjustor look at some and they said 2 out of 10 corn plants may produce an ear. However them 2 may go down later. To late to replant corn as I know of some guys that tried that last year to the north of me and they ended up cutting it for silage and the silage pile turned into a manure pile. If it stops raining beans my be an option but if we plant them before july 5 the bushels raised would go against us towards the SURE program. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't situation. Thought about sunflowers but was told to forget it becuase of their market price.THoght about oats for cow feed put have atrazine on corn and extreme on beans. I was told this hail storm took a swath from near crete,nebr to humbolt,nebr. and was 5 to 10 mile wide. The corn we had thru out this area was the best ever. Our averages are in the 120 bu. range but I could see some 180-200 bu corn on the way with a few small rains. But look what 15 minutes did.