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soybean field/transmission lines down

About a month ago a tornado came through, dropped transmission lines and twisted towers in 200 acres of beans.  Since then I've watched utility workers cut up towers and cables in the field, drop them on the ground, push cranes and trucks through the mud with bulldozers and run over steel remains and push them into the ground.  I've taken hundreds of pictures and will get overhead photos soon. 


How do I settle with the utility over the crop damage and the future damage that I may incur due to flat tires?  How do get them to recover the steel cables and angle iron that's been covered up?   Would it be worth scouring the areas with a metal detector to get anything the workers missed?  Has anyone had any experience with this problem?   I was told it cost the utility $1 million dollars a day when the lines are out of service.  I guess that's why they don't seem to be very careful.                       help