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Re: soybean field/transmission lines down

I have taken rolls of pictures and may even go up in a plane to take even more.  The utility said they would share overhead photos with me but they seem to be avoiding me as they get closer to completion. 


My fields took about 90% of the damage so I'm pretty much on my own. I told them that they only had access to 66 feet on either side of the towers but they said they were losing $1 million a day while the lines were shut down  so they would take shortcuts through the field in order to speed the process.  A pipeline was recently  installed on the farm adjacent to the power lines so if they pay as well and clean up the mess I'll consider myself lucky.  We've had twice the rain as normal so that's causing even a bigger mess. 


They wanted me to fill out a form suggesting how much damage there was but it seems if they do this every day they should have a formula on how to compensate landowners in place.