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starting your own fire department

More battles with fire
underwritting commingle down the Pike.
I'm told by 2 carriers that if you are more
Than 5 miles from your responding station
You will be in a fire class 10 plus and no
Coverage. The letters from underwriting says
That by the time a unit would arrive at that
distance, there is little hope that a structure
Could be saved.

Now I know some companies have fire
Departments at their locations, so, do I
Have to do the same, buy a used fire
Truck or two from eBay and have my
Own department.

I could see if we were making money on
The company.....but haven't.

I guess I'll have to deputytise all the neighbors to be fire fighters. Guess I'll
Have to put a power lift on the fire truck
Cabs so the 75 plus little ole ladies that
Live a few miles away could get up in
The cab and drive. Might need to
Put a nozzle on the front with a on off valve
In the cab so they could shoot water at
The fire.

Things are just nuts anymore.

Might have to talk to commissioner, ask they
Buy a helicopter with a water bag, so the
Responce time would be faster and
Responce times be shorter since they are going direct.

Just what are we becomming?
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Re: starting your own fire department

I've had occasion long ago and far away to direct a helicopter trying to put out a cotton warehouse with a water bucket.  You might as well spit on it.

Now, mabye one of them new fangled drones with a water dipper and  a bucket would be worth a look.  🙂

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Senior Contributor

Re: starting your own fire department

I suppose if you donated the equipment some of your neighbors would volunteer to help. Especially if they go to drive the truck in local parades.
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Re: starting your own fire departmentc

There is a lot more to being a fire department than just equipment. Our SIL is on the nearest VFD. They have very stringent training requirements, have to do a lot, to qualify for recognition as a fire department. Their responses are logged and that factors in, too. Our county just decommissioned one of its EMS/ rescue squad untis, mostly for lack of responding to calls.
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Re: starting your own fire departmentc

Kay is exactly correct, 100's of hours annually are required to keep up with certification and insurance requirements. Unless you've got approved safety gear, you won't be able to afford your insurance, and you won't want to go without liability insurance. More to firefighting than just flipping the lights and sirens and chasing the smoke cloud, but I'll admit it is the fun part.
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Re: starting your own fire departmentc

Don't fret cause your local Walmart employees will man the pumper ---

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BA Deere
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Re: starting your own fire department

Here`s a old Kids in the Hall skit where a guy quit his job, mortgaged his house and started his own fire department  🙂 

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