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thanks Jeff, John, Dave and all.

If you get a bit of time this weekend spend an hour with the latest May edition of Successful Farming magazine.

It has a big emphasis on us all here in the network and the leaderships decision to take communications to the internet web site format.

Jeff I really enjoyed the technology timeline and the discussion on agriculture and how it has changed over the years.

Big thanks to Jim Meade and others for their contribution.....


And of course Dr. Jonovic hits my favorite subject,,, Farm Transition


Jeff,  "Faces of Agriculture" and the "Campaign Dollars and Agriculture",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, greatly enjoyed...



Thanks to all     ................ readers enjoy.

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Senior Contributor

Re: thanks Jeff, John, Dave and all.

Thanks for your kind words, SW. That story was a lot of fun to write. Got to visit with some really great folks for it and I learned a lot in the process. 


One thing that has been really neat. I got to interview Ed and LuAnn Winkle for that sidebar story before Ed passed. LuAnn and I have chatted briefly a couple of times since then and she's said that Ed would've loved seeing that story. Was really a great compliment coming from somebody like her and Ed in a time like that. 


We'll try to keep 'em coming!