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warning danger wil robinson! !!!

Hello, I know I'm not a regular here but
I thought maybe there may be a few here
That might understand....and are still somewhat logical......

Anyhow I made the mistake of having
The weather channel on,....they kept going
On taking about a named storm....I started
Thinking I missed something somewhere...
I didn't think we were in hurricane season..
then they started talking about areas effected
And they would not be bothered by a hurricane.

Since when do we name winter storms?

Then they had a deal on cedar
here in the Midwest they are all over...
Even one of the conservation district sells

Well according to the expert they are
"Dangerous " and should be banned
And outlawed.....they are even explosive!

Now this was not a ninny from Disneyland
East......the sad thing was he was from
Okla. !!!!!

Now I have put out a few pasture fires...
But I think its a bit much.

Do I need a haz-mat permit to cut them
Down and burn them.......or an explosive
Permit from ATF ?????

Or must I call (and pay) the local bomb
Squad to cut and burn them ???