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what i'm seeing and told

3/4 of an inch of rain last night, so not much to get done around here today.

couple of things.  Some of the fellows have been going nuts with planting corn around here.  Been having some cool wx and

talk of snow this weekend.....first, some of the corn is turning orange.  I have to admit, can't remember what "trace" mineral

that it could be lacking.  a lot of talk......some saying it's dying

oh, the snow storm........we have headed wheat......not good to have snow on headed wheat, no matter what you say.

I looked at the wx maps for sunday morning temps.....its showing 27 for the panhandle of tx and okla.  according to handbook,

critical temp for wheat heading (I would suspect it was heading by now) is 30 degrees.........

I know the wheat isn't much good down there to start with, but this might be the final blow.....but the question is, will it have

an impact to prices......chances are NO.

interesting story coming out about how china they are not happy with our soybeans, due to GMO........maybe something to consider..

first, the buyer is always right........second, maybe we could go to "conventional" beans, use pre herbicides and maybe get this

resistance problem somewhat under control.

but the soybean assn and FB will get on their band wagon saying how wrong it is not to eat gmo, it's safe, etc...........


remember....the buyer is always right.....



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