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2012 International Energy Conservation Code

Can anyone tell me what this code means to the farm building sector?  For example, I have an open pole shed I've toyed with the idea of putting electricity to.  This code begins in March at my REC.  I'll ask them, but wonder if anyone knows if putting in power is something I should do now or if it can wait till after this code takes efffect.

I found some info on line but am not sure it's what I need.




I found out this is a code that is about residential energy and has no affect on uninhabited buildings, but one would have to sign a document so stating.  Apparently this is implemented at the state or local level so will be different all over. 

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Re: 2012 International Energy Conservation Code

My wife has never heard of it. she is a architect. She has extensive training in environmental issues. Has several certifications for environmental friendly design. I was going to say, as you have already figured ou, that it must be state or local. It's call the international, but that must be just a name.
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