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970 Case Hydraulic / PTO problems

Afternoon all

I purchased this 1970 970 Case, Diesel, Power Shift transmission. The tractor Runs great, power Steering if good, Brakes need air bleed out but seem good, . 

So the problems start there.  The tractor has hoist and bucket on it. they work off the the 2 remotes on the rear. If i run it full throtle I can get it to go all the way up. Reduce the RPM and it will start falling. The bucket seems strong when you use it. When I put the Swather on it and start cutting, I bring the rpm all the way up. Put in the lowest gear. as soon as I get in tall grass the swather will stop. If i feather the height up and down I can keep it running. the single hydraulic on it runs fine up and down.

Since i bought it i have done the following, Put new filters on it, Pulled PTO cover off and installed new pickup screen, New fluid, New/used pump, new/used dual remote valve, took divider block apart. Everything looked good and now blockage or damage.

With doing all of that I might have gained 5% more power. I have no idea what to try now. 

Any ideas would be great.



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update Re: 970 Case Hydraulic / PTO problems

After a long fairly expensive trial and error repair on my tractor I am wondering if I have two smaller problems versa on bigger one effecting 2 things.

1. I am believe that both of the plunger seals are out on the Lifting arms

2. The PTO has some warn clutches causing it to stop under heavy load of mowing hay.


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