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Air compressor

 I know someone with a pretty big shop who's looking at buying a new compressor, probably an Ingersoll-Rand. I think a two-cylinder with around an 80-gallon tank. He says he wouldn't recommend the Campbell-Hausfeld he has now to anyone. What kind do you have, and have you been happy with it? 

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Re: Air compressor

I have a Campbell Hausfeld, and while it is OK, it is not an Ingersoll Rand, Quincy or similar brand, but it isn't priced like one, either.

C-H makes different duty cycles for their compressors, from light to heavy duty.  I have the heavy duty, and its OK for my uses.  It is not two-stage, but Idon't need over 120 PSI, so I get by.  The truly industrial grade single stage can go up to about 150 PSI, while the 2-stage usually start at 150 PSI for the smaller ones, with 175 being very common, and I've even seen a few 200 PSI ones out there.

As long as it has enough CFM at the PSI you need, it should work for you.

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Re: Air compressor

Dad has a ROLAIR and it has worked great for years!

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