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Calcium chloride

How long can you expect an inner tube to last with calcuim chloride use.  I've had inner tubes that last for 20 years but I don't seem to get 10 years out of the ones I use Calcium Cloride in them.  Is this normal?  Thanks for your input.

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Re: Calcium chloride

We went away from that stuff a long time ago and found out a few interesting things.

Our inner tubes last far longer,

Our TIRES last longer, I think because with a bigger air pocket, they have more 'cusion', we don't have the sidewall cracking out at the end of the lugs anymore.

Our clutches & brakes last longer, clutches especially seem to go on forever compared to before.  And this is on the same tractor.  2 clutches in 10 years when we had CC in the tires, and the same clutch for the last 12 years without, and the tractor is doing essentially the same work.

Rims & everything else the stuff touches doesn't get eaten up.  That stuff is corrosive!

Lastly, if you run your wheels 'dry' you can usually go tubeless with the tires, as long as your rims have a good bead sealing area.


I had a couple mechanics tell me years ago that in the long run axle/wheel weights, while being pricey up front, and awkward to work with are usually quite a bit cheaper in the long run than CC in the tires, and I agree with him.

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Re: Calcium chloride

I had a tube go out last fall with chloride in it.  It lasted about 12 years.  Thankfully, the rim wasn't rusted out, so we sandblasted and painted it.  All our fluid-filled tires now have Rimguard in them.  I've read that there is more rolling resistance with fluid-filled tires, so that may contribute to the premature clutch wear.  Sometimes, with loader tractors especially, you need more ballast than you can get just with weights.  I've got a Ford 640 with 2 sets of weights, Rimguard in the tires, and a barrel of cement on the 3-pt., and on ice that still isn't enough to handle a round bale.

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