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Coats tire machine?

    I hav e a coats 40-40 SA  tire machine with some age on it but it works but seems to not have much power to break the beak  and also remove the tire by turning it .   could   there be a rebuild kit to up the power or pressure    on it. I have never used it when new or when working properly.    I  think i have asked here before but still cannot  make it perform properly . It was free but i would like to have one work properly  Thanks for any help.

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Senior Reader

Re: Coats tire machine?

Try putting air tool oil in the air line ,and some soap on the tire. We have a older tire machine and that works for us. Lubrication is the key to life!! Nothing works good dry.
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Sberry 27

Re: Coats tire machine?

They get worn out, agree with lubrication but many of these old machines are tired, bushings, crack frame leading to give, cracks in welds, strip the covers and start looking.

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