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Drive over pit in shop

Have always wanted a pit to get under equipment. Does any one have sugestions. Wandering how big and deep to make it and somehow to cover it when not in use. Also are they usually pored or block walls. Is it better to put it in the center of the shop or off to the side. I should be able to drain it without a sump pump or anything like that.
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Re: Drive over pit in shop

My uncle has a 4' deep pit that is about 3-4' wide by 10' long in his shop, built a box and poured it in place with an angle iron frame that he put bridge planking into when he isn't using it.  I tore a transmission out of my pickup using it once, it was nice to have. 


He put his toward the back corner of his shop, so that he's not driving heavy machines over it or getting water into it.

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Re: Drive over pit in shop

You might want to put electric power outlets in the walls of the pit.  Handy for plugging in a drill, light or such.  Maybe even air.  Keeps lines from snaking all over the shop.  I don't know as you'd need water there.


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