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Grain Bin Modification I Like

I have Conrad grain bins which have a door with a large door and a smaller top door.  I vac out of the bin through the hole in the bigger door.  When the grain is down and quits flowing I would have to climb up through the man hole in the roof, down inside and then put vac tubes in through the top door till I could get the grain low enough to open the bottom door, which usually took a couple of loads.


I decided to put a small 9"X9" grain gate below the main door right at floor level.  Now, when grain quits flowing through the main door hole I continue to vac from the grain gate.  This will take out another full load of grain.  Best of all, when it quits flowing, the grain is low enough that I can open the main door and walk into the bin to continue vac operations without ever having to climb up through the roof.  It's much easier, more convenient and probably safer.



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Re: Grain Bin Modification I Like

Most people around here, empty their bins via a tube under the floor, either with auger or vac.

They put a second sump near the wall, and have the side door not too far from where that sump would be.

Accomplishes the same thing, but with an auger.

Funny, but very few people around here use a grain vac except maybe to empty the bin, instead of a sweep auger.

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