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Re: Home generator

Choosing a generator for a private house, summer cottage or suburban area, you must first understand what sources of consumption will be connected to the station. When we moved to another state, we drew up a sydney to melbourne removalist. Then they chose a house and a generator. Reactive (inductive) - have electric motors in the structure, which at the time of start-up consume energy several times more than during the main operation. We chose this for our home

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Re: Home generator

I collect generators.  I have for 60 years as they always facscinatedme.  Pour fuel in one end and electricity comes out the other end.  I collect ONAN generators.  They were owned by the Studebaker corporation at one time.  My family worked in the Studebaker plant in South Bend IN before it closed.  The point I need to make is for reliability choose a 4 pole Generator.   The big box generators run at 3600 RPM as they are a 2 pole Generator.  A 4 pole Generator runs at 1800 RPM  so it last a lot longer.   Most of those PTO generators are a 4 pole, they gear up the 540 PTO to 1800.   I have seen many of the 2 pole generators come apart as they are not balanced and welded for that high speed.   A small generator is great for powering electric tools and battery chargers around the farm.  The 2 pole generator is much lighter in weight.   But for a reliable power supply chose a 4 pole generator.  There are many good ones out there, I just prefer Onan.

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Re: Home generator

I came across this subject when we moved out of town. From personal experience, I can say that it is better not to listen to those who installed generators. It is better to communicate with those who do it professionally.
I went to Energy Australia. This company has lived up to my expectations. First of all, I did not have to go to them. We solved everything online. I saw the installers only on the installation day and when I wrote the check.
Of course, you can have a 10-12 KW generator, but you have to be prepared for it not being able to handle the entire load or overconsumption of energy. Here you need to consider all factors: from the house's square footage to all the connected devices.

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