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Inside Bin Light Burns Out

I have and use an inside bin light.  My bad habit is I turn it on and then forget to turn it off so when I come back and need it it's burned out.  I finally figured out a way to help stop that some of the time.  I also have an outside light, so every time I turn the inside light on I turn the outside light on, too.  That is a visible reminder of the inside light.  I should have put a signal lamp on the swithc and plan to if I build another bin, but this is one way to get around my own inability to remmeber I turned the light on.

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Re: Inside Bin Light Burns Out

I had the same problem, inside light would be bad.   Easy to reach when the bin was full, because I could stand on the top of the corn.   Problem was, I only ever needed the light, when I was running the sweep auger.

I bit the bullet and bought one of those $12 LED lights, that are supposed to last something like 10 years of 'on' time.  

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Re: Inside Bin Light Burns Out

Good idea about the LED light.  I think I'll do that.  

When I built my bins, I made sure that I could change the light even when the bin was empty.  I put the light where I could reach it from the inside ladder.  All it takes is three hands :).



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