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Multifunctional thresher is a must-have machine for every farmer.

A multifunctional thresher is a must-have machine for every farmer. Because his functions are very diverse. It can thresh a variety of crops, such as corn, wheat, sorghum, rice, millet, pearl millet, and so on. If you grow many kinds of crops, then you can buy a machine like this because you no longer have to worry about how to thresh.


Also, the machine has many advantages.

  1. The air duct and screening function designed by the machine will directly remove the impurities from the threshed grain.
  2. Widely used, the thresher machine can thresh a variety of crops
  3. Enlarged feed opening and high inclination make feed faster and smoother.
  4. Longer machine body, four-axis high-density throwing hammer, higher threshing rate.
  5. The straw export is screened again. If grain comes out, it will fall directly.
  6. After threshing, the grain is directly screened, and the grain is discharged cleanly. It saves labor.
  7. Wind power adjustment function, different crops have different proportions, and the height of the tuyere can be adjusted according to actual needs to adjust the wind power.Multifunctional-thresher-MT-860.jpg
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