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New grain bin for this huge crop

Any one putting up new grain bins this summer?  What would a 20,000 Bu. drying bin cost?

Drying my corn at the coop is going to be a real pain $ this Fall.  This would be a long term investment for the next generation.

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Re: New grain bin for this huge crop

I haven't built a bin for almost 10 years.  I'm building a small one this year but it won't be any thing like what you're looking at.


What size bin will it take to store 20,000 bushel in a drying bin?  I assume you're using a stirring machine that takes about 18" off the level full line, plus the floor takes enough that between the two of them they take about a ring. 


Assuming you are using a stirring machine and don't want to go over 8 rings high, that means about a 36' bin, is my guess.  That kind of info is available online.  Sorry, I can't help on the price.  I do know that concrete around here is about $110 a yard.  That size bin specs out at 24 yds of concrete and 14 yds of fill sand and 240 ft of $5 rebar.  I don't have a current price on rebar.

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Re: New grain bin for this huge crop

I just got a quote on a Brock 22K, 9 ring, 36 ft. bin with sirrated  floor, sweep auger, for approx. 55K.  Dec. is supposed to be a good month to get the best price.  Hope this gives you  an idea on cost.

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Re: New grain bin for this huge crop

A little late to this post, but we are getting quotes on 4 cone bottom grain silos holding 10K bushels each and a larger concrete bottom silo for black beans, pintos etc with drying capability. I'll share our quote when we get it.
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