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Planter Monitor

I have a 1760 JD planter with 250 monitor.  When the planter ran out of seed the first time this spring, row 2 alarmed.  After filling with seed the alarm kept ringing.  I turned the alarm off and kept going and the planter worked fine but would like to fix it now.  I changed the sensor in Row 2.  Actually did it twice since I wanted to make sure.  The guys at the local  John Deere dealeship told me I had a broken wire somewhere.  Seems odd to me that the wire would break simultaneosly with running out  of seed.  Could there be something in the Monitor that needs to be reset?

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Re: Planter Monitor

I don't think there's anything to reset in the 250.  Whenever a row fails for me I unplug it and swap seed tube and sensor with another row to see if the error moves to the other row.

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