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Throw away chain hoist

I needed a replacement pull or hand chain for a Larin model CH-3 chain hoist.  This is not the chain that does the lifting, this is the lighter duty chain that turns the wheel that raises and lowers the lift chain.

I talked with the sales customer service rep two times.  He told me they only sell the chain hoist as a unit.  They do not have parts numbers for individual pieces and they do not sell parts.  Their dealers do not sell parts.

This is an imported Chinese chain hoist for occasional use, so I thought I'd save some money.  Had i known they would not support their product, I would not have bought them.

Anyone thinking of buying a Larin product, which is sold by Farm & Fleet, Tractor Supply, Amazon, Northern Tool and many other firms might want to check on service and support as part of your decision.

Last one I'll ever buy from them.

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