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Tractor to buy

Hello, I'm new to this forum kind of and had a question. 

I've been patiently searching for a tractor and think I've found what I need, I just wanted some Farmer's opinions.  Its a John Deere 950 thats been rebuilt.  Its guts are basically just a few years old and it runs good.  It has a front bucket attachment and they are asking 5000 dollars.  Is this a good deal or not.  Oh and  it has a mower as well.


It is just about the size I need for my small farm.

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Re: Tractor to buy

Older used tractors like the one you are asking about are hard to value until you actually see the condition it is in.  For some help in values look at the fastline website and search for that tractor model to see what dealers are asking for similar models.

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Re: Tractor to buy has good discussion groups that may help you.


You might see if Machinery Pete has any in his sales archives.  see upper left hand corner of main page. 

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