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Re: What Is A Used Bin Worth?

2010, purchased 2 -10,000 bu. (.30 cents per bu. ) + 3/4 acre lot (that joined us) with 3phase power for $7500, both had heaters and stirralls. one was a 1967 model with 24 inch fan, the other was a 1972 (the year dad started renting this farm) with 36 inch fan, both were in good shape. Two different bin company's told me that that's about what they were worth, if you disassembled them and moved. So I think I got a good deal, plus wanted them for future expansion, (that is up and running now, and has made my fall harvest at lot smoother)

Bins here are renting for .10 to .12 cents a bu.
Hopefully you'll can work something out and everyone keeps a smile on there face!!
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Re: What Is A Used Bin Worth?

Maybe a good compromise would be to try to get your best estimate for what you'd get for the bin as-is, and also what it would cost to move.  I would think a fair price to your sister would be what you could sell it for (to the guy who would take it apart) plus a portion of the moving costs, maybe 1/3 or 1/2 what it would cost to move it to a new site.

That would kind of be splitting the difference between what you could sell it for, and what it would 'cost' someone to buy it and move it to a new location.


It is kind of a hard thing to estimate, because replacing it with a similar used bin, would probably cost 4-5X as much as you would get for yours, if you sold it to someone else.

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