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Wiring Machine Shed

I'm going to wire a 72' X 48" pole barn machine shed.  It will have a large bi-fold door on one end and a garage type door on one side near the other end of the shed.  Right beside the big door will be a walk door.


I have a couple of questions.  First, I'm inclined to use EMT for lights and outlets, but I also have a bunce of Romex.  If I used the EMT, how do you rout it around the posts?  You don't try to fish the EMT back of them, do you?  That may be a chore.  The Romx, I'd probably just lay on the girts and route them back of the posts.


For lighting - I am not crazy about direclty overhead because I may put in a ceiling plus that would take away from the clearance which is already tight.  How about lights where the wall meets the roof?  Will that work OK?


I don't think I'm going to do a lot of work in there, so I don't need lights good enough for fine work, but will want to do some things so don't want it to be dark as a cave, either.



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Re: Wiring Machine Shed

check your local building code-that is the minimum- and then check with your insurance company-you have to keep them happy

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Re: Wiring Machine Shed

Jim on the new shop we put the romex on the side of the girts and stapled it on. My opinion was the side would be less of a rodent problem as this was just done last summer in the cold storage part, versus laying it on the top. My original 60/100 lester was wired in the 80's and mice never bothered it wired this way.  My only regret is i would take the 37' double slider out and put in a bi-fold like a schweiss out on the cold storage gable end for a tighter seal. The outlets were screw on the side of the post and romex was wraped around the post. Otherwise conduit and wrap with L/B's would work unless u went behind the poles, they would fit tighter than a couduit bent wrap. The full finish heated shop was 3/4 conduit with 4 by 4 double gang boxes every ten feet around the perimiter of the entire shop. The lights still thinking led's instead of t-5's but will decide this summer. If u have rib tin inside they make a nice conduit offset that works well to mount the gang boxes on the tin flat and run the conduit on top of the ribs for a nice finish look.As far as lights on the side put them up and try as u could always add a center row with romex mounted flush for temporary till the ceiling goes in. Porcelain fixtures and a string of romex with a extra 2 feet at each light on the top of the truss could easily be retrofitted when the ceiling is put up. Good Luck !!!

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