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new ford pickups

The new pickups can pull a lot, according to the ads put out by the various companies. I want to know if the rear axle in the new F150 has larger bearings like the 250 to stand the towing of the claimed heavier packages? Supposedly, the F150 with added towing packages and a 3.73 rear can tow a max of 17,100. That assumes the weight is dristributed on the 5th wheeler so that no more than 1890 lbs. is pushing down in the box. If this is true, with the new ecoboost engine, you should be able to get good mpg and towing power.

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JJ Johnson

Re: new ford pickups

The 6.2L gas engine in the F250 gets 13mpg and 8mpg towing. They can give the 1/2 tons all the power they want, but the DOT will ticket you for being over weight, as you can't liscence a 1/2 ton heavy enough to pull a gooseneck trailer. You have to have the pick-up plated for the weight of the truck and empty trailer in Iowa and you can't put heavier tags on a 1/2 ton, you can go up 12,000 lbs on a 3/4 ton.

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