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shop drain

I'm building a 60'x80' shop this summer, would like suggestions on size and type of drain.  Thanks.

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Re: shop drain

be careful putting a drain in the floor because you might be opening yourself up to environmental issues depending on what goes down the drain and where it actually drains. 

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Re: shop drain

Concur that a drain can be a public health department and zoning issue and would do it strictly by code.  I' be especially concerned that in the future it become a part of a point source pollution issue.  EPA changes the rules but we can'r rebuild the shop (look at how terraces were at one time a great idea and now are a herbicide issue.)

I have a heated 36X48 and have two drains.

One is on one end by an overhead door and the floor slopes to it.  I park my pickup there in the winter time and the snow melts off it.  It is nice for that, but it is a nuisance in general.

The other is in the working area and I wish I didn't put it in.  I don't do any extensive washing in the shop.It is not exactly level so it gets in the way of layout on the floor.   Sometimes I have equipment parked over it when I'm working and it is a magnet for dropped parts.  I have to avoid it if I want to place a jack.  In general, I wish I didn't have it.

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Re: shop drain

My shop is about 50 feet square has a drain about 15 feet from the door.It is nice to park the snow  blower  over it in the winter but otherwise don't use it.Unless you partition a corner for cleanup It is just alot easier to clean things outside rather than have water splatter over everything inside.

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Re: shop drain

I have a 60X90 shop. Drained a 20X20 portion next to the end door into a 24X24" grate. Works well, sure wouldn't want larger. Keep a piece of cardboard to place over it when working over it. Plenty of room at the other end to layout work on the level.


Minimal slope for drain, maybe 1" in 10' for a total of 1" lower over the grate. Lay a 1" board down and a wagon is leveled.


Good Luck with the plans



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