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straightening barn wall

I have a barn wall bowing out on a hip roof structure, bowing out at the point where the support for the roof pushes against the wall. I want to break out the concrete floor in the two places where the supports are pressuring the wall and set heavy steel posts in new concrete in the holes I make. The posts would be about two feet from the wall and support a threaded rod that would go through a treated 4x4 or 4x6 on the outside of the barn wall. I think I can get a post that will hold the wall in and new concrete that won't break up. Is this a good plan? Any suggestions welcome.

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Re: straightening barn wall

I had a similar situation on an old bank barn this year. 30' from the ground, the wall was bowing out where a support post had fractured. I set a pine utility pole on the outaide about 7' deep in the ground and just under the eve of the roof on top. Bored through new and old posts and clamped together with all thread rods.
Worst part of the project was moving the square bales on the inside to tighten the nuts.
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