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A Long Time Ago

I was a member of these forums (Successful Farming) beginning sometime in 1995.  On a whim I decide to see if it was still online.  The looks have changed since it began and I see no familiar names of participant posters.

Actually I'm surprised that I have the ability to even post here now with 'signing in as a member'.  My user name back then was Tim KS I think, but not real's been 25 years ago.  🙂

I was the joker who named the joke forum "Agri-Laugh".........and I still like a good laugh now & then. 

I've been retired from farming now for eight years, but still live on the same farmstead as I did 50 years ago.

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Re: A Long Time Ago

Good to see you checking in! Have been around a long time myself, don't recall my exact first handle, but used 'X-Banker' for a long time.  There was a point (or two) when programming changes made us all essentially re-join and use new handles (again).  Mine has been WCMO for a long time.  

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