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mike se il

Re: Actual Page Load Speed with Stopwatch

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This is interesting.  I should be out the door soon, so this won't get polished very well.


I've been a big fan of Firefox, but I've been playing with Google Chrome because it is supposed to be faster and have better security.  I use WildBlue as my ISP.  (We won't go there this morning)


Opening both browsers and going to the same pages one after the other Firefox is loading in 6-8 seconds.  Chrome is loading in 7-9 seconds.  This is not fully loaded, with ads and facebook and twitte and such, but "usable"


I find this odd because my perception the last few days using both browsers has been Chrome is faster.  I don't know if it is just perception, or just this site, or just WildBlue in the morning.


Anyone else tried comparing browsers?


EDIT:  After posting this I decided to try the same thing on another site.  So I went to AgTalk and did it again.  Over there Chrome consistently beat Firefox, taking 2-5 seconds per page compared to 3-7 seconds for Firefox.  I guess I need to try different sites at different times and record everything.  But not now, gotta see if I can plant some more beans.


Later Y'all

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: Actual Page Load Speed with Stopwatch

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The most recent Opera is the fastest browser and shows it in comparison to some of the times posted.


However, there are probably so many variables it's hard to tell.

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Re: RE: Hmmmm.....

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I am giving suggestion to do Internet Speed Test.

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