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Best Welding Helmet Buying Guide and Expert Review .

Have more than 30 experts who are always helping our client to choose the best welding helmet and welding accessories. Are you a professional welder or at home welder? Whichever you are when you are going for welding you will need a welding helmet. These helmets protect your face from the extreme heat and flying sparks of welding and plasma cutters and also protect your eyes against intense rays of UV and IR and even from the bright lights more.....

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Re: Best Welding Helmet Buying Guide and Expert Review .

I recommend Lincoln Electric 3350 Series, is is the best one I have used so far. It has  a taller viewing area that gives it a huge overall window size that’s better for seeing directly what’s in front of you. It has super fast lens reaction time, 4 arc sensors and a perfect optical classification. And lastly it is comfortable to wear too.

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