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Board layout tip

The default setting of the new forums shows you a "Topic" view of an individual message thread. This approach lets you see all the replies in the thread.  It displays one message at a time.


Have you tried using the "Linear" view of the messages? You can change to this from the default Topic view. Go to "My Settings," and click on Preferences. Then click on "Display." Where it says "Board layout," select "Linear."


The advantage of Linear is seeing all the messages in a thread at once. But, you lose the threaded view of the replies. It's a tradeoff.


If more people would prefer the "Linear" view, then we probably need to change the default. Comments?


-- John

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Re: Board layout tip

Topic view is much quicker to scroll down thru all the replys to a topic and pick and chose which to click on. The linear is much slower with the entire text appearing and needing to scroll down thru all the texts. I like topic view, if there was only some way to highlight the reply you are reading below the text, to make the next reply easy to hit. But, you can also go to the extreme right hand side and see the time of the reply and use that as a guide when scrolling down thru them too, so as long as no one replyed at the same time, you can follow the text with the reply using the time.

    I really like the "kudos" check box. GOOD IDEA JOHN!!saves taking the time to write an atta boy response to a reply or posting.  

And, conversely, why not a "you are full of it" check box?

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Re: Board layout tip

I really like the way the board is set up, as a default.... not too hard to get on to the way it works, and I bet that 90% of everyone on here will get the hang of it within a week or so.

Maybe you can put that linear method on a quick link, with a little picture of a bicycle with big training wheels on it?  *Just teasing* *grins*


But it would be nice if someone could just hover their mouse over the entry, and the first few lines of the post pop out of the screen.... that way you can get an idea of what they were getting at, and decide to click on the post, or not...... Just an idea. Smiley Surprised)

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