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I'm running Firefox 4.0.1

I'm running Firefox 4.0.1 on this computer, an older version on the laptop. I've had rather  ... um .... unfruitful discussions with web site managers/developers/moderators/etc about Firefox.  One tried to tell me they didn't design their site to work with (I forget his exact phrase) what I'll call alternative browsers.  He frustrated me enough I explained to him what I really thought ... don't think it helped but I really didn't care.


Just as an example, this evening I got a message about a reply to a post I had made.  I clicked the link, was taken to the reply but was not logged in.  I clicked "sign in" and was taken to a sign in page where I find "Welcome Mike SE IL".  I click the back button and am taken back to the thread only this time I am signed in.


A common occurance is clicking on a link inside the " Community" and getting an error message. It wouldn't be so frustrating if it weren't a link posted by someone working for on their web site.

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Re: I'm running Firefox 4.0.1

Well I haven't had any problems with this site till this morning!  It is the first time in a yeart I had to log in! I am running same version as Mike no problems. What changed last night?  Back in and up and running. Wife would have been very concerened if I did not have place to blow off steam! HE HE.  Honestly boys I think my problem was on my side but I just wanted to complain tooo!

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