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Forum Topics And Moving Posts

Over the past few months, editors have had considerable discussion about how to improve our site.  Along with recent forum software upgrades and giving consideration to member input, editors have decided to adopt a somewhat more relaxed position on moving messages.   We want to promote a vital community with lots of spontaneous member involvement and interaction.  Therefore, appreciating that some posts are spur-of-the-moment or are directed to a forum community audience, greater latitude will be given to how closely a post adheres to the stated purpose of the forum before taking administrative action.


Posts that violate TOS or are grossly out of place in a forum remain subject to appropriate action.  This is a family friendly, agricultural site.  Site moderation is an active process.  If you feel a post should be considered for action use the software to advise the editors.


We hope that members appreciate that the best way to have a vital and rwarding forum is to have most of the discussion on topic.  People will not want to stay in or join a forum about a subject only to find it talks about everything else.  It is vital that we keep old and attract new members.   We have forums oriented to many of the aspects of farming.  Please use the whole site and participate in the forum that is most likely to address the topic you want to talk about.


Thanks for your suggestions and enjoy the forums.


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Re: Forum Topics And Moving Posts

I would suggest going into the archives of 2 or even 3 years ago and carefully study the topics and placement thereof as well as the most active contributors.  Not sure who's decision it was or what needed to be changed from then until now, but the site is no where near today what it was back then and I believe recent posts point to that.  You claim you value contributor input and suggestions, well why don't you act on some of those suggestions?  Just a suggestion.