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Great matchup in tractor brackets

The third round of Tractor Brackets, the Greatest Tractor of All Time, has a number of interesting matchups, but one is getting the most attention right now, the IHC Farmall vs. the John Deere 4440.


According to Machinery Editor Dave Mowitz, the competition is between two of the most illustrious tractors of their time. "So popular was the H that by the time it finished its 14-year production run in 1953, over 390,000 of the tractors had sold, making it the most popular individual model ever built." The 4440 was part of Deere's line of “Iron Horses” that helped established the firm as a world leader in horsepower.


Vote your choice on this matchup: IHC Farmall vs. John Deere 4440.


And, there are some other matchups in Round Three: Vote here.



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