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Herbicide Field Calculations

Hoping someone can help me with a Field Calculation homework assignment for a college class.

A glyphosate label asks for AMS to be included at 8.5 pounds/100 gallons spray solution.  A sprayer has 1250 gallon capacity of spray volume and is calibrated to deliver 8.5 gpa.  Liquid AMS is available that has 3 pounds AMS/gallon.  How much liquid AMS should be added to each full tankload?  express in gallons to one decimal place


I have some more questions but will just ask for help on one for now. Thanks

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BA Deere
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Re: Herbicide Field Calculations

well, 1250 gallon is "(12.5)  100`s)  so that`s 106.25 lbs of AMS   And 3lbs per gallon of liquid AMS, so 3lbs goes into 106.25 lbs  35.4 times    

35.4 gallon

You should be figuring this out on your own, you know....i could be wrong   Smiley Happy

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