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How to breed mealworms in the United States?

With the gradual recognition of the value of animal protein, mealworm breeding, mealworm protein extraction, and insect meal feed processing are becoming more and more popular with investors.

At present, many countries and regions in the world have established yellow mealworm farms and mealworm processing centers of different sizes, such as Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the United States, etc.

The commercial mealworm separating machine independently developed and manufactured by our factory is the essential equipment for the mealworm breeding industry and has now been exported to mealworm farms in more than 50 countries. Among them, American customers have the most cooperation with our factory, because the mealworm breeding industry in the United States is developing rapidly. So, how to breed mealworms in the United States?commercial mealworm raising workshop in USA.jpg


Methods of breeding mealworms in the United States

1.Temperature management
Mealworm is more cold-resistant. In winter, mature larvae can tolerate -2℃, while young larvae will die in large numbers at around 0℃. 2℃ is the survival limit of mealworm, 10℃ is the starting point of its development, 25~30℃ is the suitable temperature range of yellow mealworm, and the fastest growth and development is 32℃. However, yellow mealworms are prone to get sick when exposed to high temperatures for a long time and will die if the temperature exceeds 32°C.

2. Humidity control
Tenebrio Molitor can tolerate drought and can survive in an environment with a water content of less than 10%. Yellow mealworms grow slowly in a dry environment and waste a lot of feed. The ideal feed water content is 15%, and the humidity is 50 to 80%. If the feed water content exceeds 18% and the air humidity exceeds 85%, the growth and development of yellow mealworms will slow down, and they will be prone to disease. If the breeding room is too dry, sprinkle clean water, and ventilate if the humidity is too high. The water content of the yellow mealworm body is 48-50%.

3. Lighting control
Mealworm is suitable for rearing in dark warehouses. It is naturally afraid of light and active, and it is active day and night. Adult females lay more eggs in darker places than under strong light. In addition, yellow mealworms should be screened regularly during the breeding process. Breeders can screen the yellow mealworms in each breeding box with a commercial mealworm sieving machine to separate the larvae, dead insects, worm skins, and feces to ensure the survival rate of the yellow mealworms.

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