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I read here too




1.  Nearly every message on these forums is read by a human, but not in real time.  That would take too many staff and even then would cause some messages to be in a que until they were read and thus would slow down posting.  That is unacceptable.


2.  There are many messages that are caught by filters which are entirely inappropriate for various forums.  We see every message in the spam quarantine and other filters.  We have in the past seen examples of times when the system was nearly overwhelmed by various sports advertisements, financial offers from bogus companies and so forth.  Good filters keep that distractions off the forums and improve your reading and participation experience.


3.  There are a few messages which trigger the filter algorithms for various reasons and we try to get to them within the day.  For some reason these did not release.  Try re-posting them if they are not visible later today.


4.  We consider good filters as supporting our valued members.  Generally, avoid profanity and stay on the forum topics and member postings are welcomed and immediately visible.


5.  The various filters have several ways to improve their accuracy and they are continually "tweaked" to better serve their and your purpose.


6.  If you used a spell checker or other filter, it would have alerted you to the spelling of quarantine in your message.


This response will serve for your other message on this topic in a different thread.  If you have suggestions on how to better manage the site, a good place to post them is in the Admin forum rather than divert attention from Marketing Talk in this forum.  We hope we shared some information on what happened and why and are always learning on how to best support our membership.  Since this is an admin question, I will now close this thread and welcome your opening of a new thread in Admin if you care to.  Thank you for the feedback.  ""



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Re: I read here too

And I am fair enough to allow a "reply" to the comments... 



A filter for profanity can be defended in theory although keeping up with an ever changing slang of our culture renders it nearly impossible to do.  But a list of "profane" terms most popular could be appropriately filtered and if it were done consistantly the author would know immediately why it does not appear and would self edit quickly.  It does not happen that way..... unless there is different filtering for different areas of the community(which would be quite ""discriminating in this social engineering project)


4.  We consider good filters as supporting our valued members.  Generally, avoid profanity and stay on the forum topics and member postings are welcomed and immediately visible.

The judgement of appropriateness through the On or off topic filter says your members thoughts and participation are not "valued" or "supported".  Thinking "outside the "filter" box is not allowed.   You should reconsider the motive behind this statement.

Please take the time on this forum to provide me a complete list of those issues and subjects that do have an influence on markets, both international and local.  But being on topic is not really the issue is it?I want to know what the parameters  are and why in a free thinking society those of us in agriculture are considered "in need" of such elementary guidance.  Please take this challenge seriously.  I have seen very appropriate subjects in regard to moving markets sensored under the "off topic" censorship.


It is not filtering, it is censorship with a demand to "say what we think you should say"......  


I do use spell check......not in the case of quarantine,,,, left intentionally to see if the secondary spell check gets it.

It is a problem with posting.  I can type an entry using my spell check and between the time i hit the post button and the time it appears spelling gets changed...... simple stuff...  do becomes to    for example.



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Re: I read here too

This is a family oriented site and the language filters are those management considers appropriate for all our readers and viewers.  As you know, not all viewers post so one can not use the demographic of posters as the sole basis for determining the tone of the site.


The filters are applied automatically and consistently.  Individual members who are offended or concerned by language can bring it to management attention for review and sometimes that results in new words being added to filters.  Incidentally, if a word is considered in violation of our standards, non-standard or "cute" spellings of the word to try to get around the filter are added to the filter list on the same basis as the objectionable word.


Generally, the language standards used are the same as are used by main-stream public media with wide readership demographics.  We want this to be a site that most readers, including all ages, genders, nationality and culture will find welcoming and non-threatening.  See Successful Farming magazine as a guide to the style used on this site.


The function of the forums sorted by topic is to gather a critical mass of similar thought in one spot.  We want people who visit Marketing Talk to find topics that relate to discussions of selling farm products, especially crops as seed, in the field or in the bin.  Machinery Talk should talk about farm machinery, Cattle Talk about cattle production and sales and so forth.    Since it's very beginning over 20 years ago, many forums have focused on near term, concrete subjects related to the main forum topic.  Political and philosophical questions not directly relate to a topic such as Crops, Cattle, Precision AG, Marketing and so forth are generally best addressed in AgForum.  Policy question such as the Farm Bill are sometimes appropriate for Farm Business where the information is used in broader or longer range farm planning.


We ask forum members to share their comments in the one forum most appropriate for the topic.  Thus, a person who posts often in Marketing and seldom in AgForum is still asked to address political issues in AgForum.  We appreciate that members care about the quality of the discussion and value that new members will want to join to participate on the specific topic.  We consider the entire Talk section a community and hope that persons who post most about Marketing don't feel the need to post non-Marketing topics in that forum simply because it is the one they visit most often.


The Terms of Service (TOS) are spelled out and available to all.  A review of the scope and tone of discussion in the various forums is readily available by any who cares to spend some time looking through the forums.  


To restate, use polite language, avoid personal attacks, adhere to TOS, post in the appropriate forum and respect the community and posters will find little occasion to be disappointed in their participation in the community.  A wide range of opinion is invited and respected.  We appreciate your questions and hope this discussion helps you determine the forum and manner to best share your views with your fellow members and the viewing public.