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dairy mom
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It wouldn't take my post.

Said there was h d which wasn't allowed, but I couldn't figure out what h d  with the letters being together only I don't have a clue what that means

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Re: It wouldn't take my post.

I'm in the same Boat D-mom - I have tried to post up some stuff in Crops and it says that it has C5 in it  , I have now memorized the artical trying to find C5 - I even call Hobby this morning = no help - lol  But he tried - He did say we maybe need to PM or E-mail Jeff = Good idea .


Good luck


BTW I even tried useing bad words - that didn't work either - Smiley SurprisedSmiley Happy



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Re: It wouldn't take my post.

for us bad spellers --------- we just substitute till it works or we get a "bleep" ----- undeserved but I get em to get my post on.


And reading works the same --------- always has been stuff in there I didn't know , nothing new.   I can remember the numbers.

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Re: It wouldn't take my post.


  Me to.  I can remove everything and just put a "." and still get it.

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