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LG popup

Bad enough we have those pesky little pop-ups on the bottom of the page, now we have one over powering the whole page. 

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Re: LG popup

I will never, never, understand how a company that shoves their ads down our throats could expect to increase sales. Oh well, they pay the bills..........

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Re: LG popup

Life's good.

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Veteran Contributor

Re: LG popup

I  guess I am not a very good customer or something is different on my screen

I never see those pop ups you all talk about

Hope I did not make somebody aware of one screen that they missed and now I also get the pop ups

I will be really [can't say it in polite company] if that happens

I won't say one pop up and I am ggone, because you all put up with it and post

That posting is why I come, not the pop ups

I am truly thankful you folks stay, put up with the grief and post some really good stuff

Although I have noticed that the number of posts is less than what used to be

That is disappointing to say the least

Oh well, I don't pay the bills

I just come here

Keep on trucking guys and gals

The road may not be the best

It may be snow or rain

But: the load has to get there

At least that is what I was told when I drove a long haul 18 wheeler

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Frequent Contributor

Re: LG popup



We hear you loud and clear about some of the ads. We do monitor them every hour -- and hear your concerns. Just wanted to make sure you knew we were listening.


Dave Kurns


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Senior Contributor

Re: LG popup

Alright so how do I get rid of the danged ad at the bottom of the page?
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