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New Improvements to the Community

Dear members,


I wanted to let you know that we are rolling out some changes to the forums tomorrow afternoon. These changes include:

  • An improved user experience, particularly for mobile. The site will be fully responsive, so posting a message and reading the forums will be improved across all devices. This includes an easier way to post images from a smart phone.
  • An updated design. While the look-and-feel will be different, the forum topic areas will be the same and posting messages should be similar to the previous process.
  • New navigation across the top of the site. This stays at the top of the screen as you scroll down, making it easier to click through to different areas of the forums.


Please share your feedback here - our team is continually reviewing the site to make the user experience the best possible.




Jessie Scott

Digital Content Director

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Re: New Improvements to the Community

Not sure if same for anyone else, but nothing stays at top of my screen as I scroll down, this format is harder (more clicks) to navigate thru than the previous format, it's more difficult to locate posts I haven't seen, and topics with most recent posts don't seem to be shown first.

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Re: New Improvements to the Community

Agree on all of above.

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