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New improvements to our community

Dear members,


I just wanted to let you know we made some technical changes that you may have noticed -- and will greatly improve the user experience here on


In the forums, we changed the navigation at the top of the page to remove the main channel names, and replaced it with the Successful Farming logo (it now links back to home page). This should render pages much better.


In addition, the forums now work better in Internet Explorer! We hope you notice that change.


Lastly, we tweaked the advertising placements -- again so the pages render quicker and more accurately. Please share your feedback here -- our team is continually reviewing the code on our site to make the user experience the best possible.


Thanks, and have a great holiday season.


Dave Kurns

Editorial Content Director

Successful Farming at


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Re: New improvements to our community

Seeing this site for the first time today. Intuitive, easy to navigate. I'll be interested to see more of what I can find, I need all the advice I can get. 


Re: New improvements to our community



Glad you are here! Hope you find the forums worthwhile, and the websit einformative.


We're here to help, in any way we can.




Re: New improvements to our community

Welcome Dredge! We’re glad to have you here. Please let me know if you have any questions as you navigate our forums.


Have a great day!


SF Moderator

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